KLA Students

Each of our students are working hard to break cycles of poverty and entitlement through establishing a good work ethic and strong character. Our students understand that this is the goal of attending school at KLA and are held accountable to the high standards that are set. We also prepare each student to enter TJC’s dual credit program in the fall of their junior year in the training program of their choosing.

All of our students are responsible for participating in our “Earned Tuition Credit” program. This program enables the students to earn their tuition through various efforts, including a vibrant community service commitment.

Some community service outreaches we are currently involved in are:

Neighborhood Outreach: Going out and canvassing the neighborhood and seeing if anyone needs help with things like mowing lawns, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, picking up trash, etc.

Nursing Home Outreach: Students go to Rose Trails nursing home to worship with the residents and staff, ministering to them and building a relationship.

Disabled Homeowners Assistance: KLA receives referrals through the Tyler Code Enforcement Department to assist disabled homeowners.