KLA Staff

Joel Enge: Director of KLA

Joel Enge is the founder and current Director of Kingdom Life Academy. He oversees all aspects of the school, including curriculum, projects, funding, etc.

Blessing Macias: Office Manager, PE Teacher

Blessing runs the front office, creates the school calendar, and schedule, as well as organizes events for students and staff. She is also in charge of our Physical Education program and helps students develop healthy life choices.

Letty Carmona: Culinary Arts Instructor

Letty teaches students how to prepare clean, healthy food for your body and also helps use the food grown at KLA in the menus for meals on campus. Letty also teaches skills such as team work, how to cater, kitchen duties, menu planning, and how to pursue a career in culinary arts.

David Larochelle: Construction Teacher

David oversees building projects on campus (ex. the main shop and sheds) and teaches construction and welding skills to students, especially how to properly use power tools. David also oversees student projects, such as building a porch with a roof off campus.

Nicole Hall: Social Studies Teacher

Nicole teaches students students about our local, state, and federal government. She also sets up field trips and brings in politicians as well as sets up opportunities to get involved with local politics.

Matthew King: Animal Husbandry

Matthew works with students to teach responsibility through the care of livestock as well as helping guide them and expose them to the many careers in agriculture and livestock.

Claudia Cazanas: Real World Teacher

Claudia teaches our students math and reasoning skills. She focuses on problem solving and logic to help students come to the correct solution.

Susan Westcot: Communications Instructors

Susan helps students learn to communicate verbally and in writing for real-world experiences. She also teaches students to read critically, fill out applications, and write checks. Susan also leads girls’ Bible devotionals.

Nancy Kirkpatrick: Student Counselor & Advance Bible Study Teacher