Spring 2015
Volunteer Opportunities

Instructors & Tutors/ 10-15 hours per month

Tutors are needed for the following areas: writing, conversational Spanish, and basic mathematics.

We are also in need of teacher’s aides in the class room to assist with students completing assignments & classroom management.

Tutor – 2 days a week from 3:15-4:15

Teacher’s Aide – Monday through Friday, various time commitments

Carpentry Instructor – Tuesday & Thursday 1:00-3:00, working in a wood shop

Hands-On Volunteers/ 3-6 hours per month      

There are a few community outreaches that KLA students are regularly involved in. We need volunteers to partner with us in participating with these community outreaches:

·         Nursing home visits

·         Middle school youth after school youth outreach

·         Community Clean-Up

·         Community Garden start-up

Board Members/ 8 hours per month

KLA is experiencing growth that has made room for new board members. Being a KLA board member means being aware and involved in decision making. We also encourage our board members to be involved through volunteering with the students in various roles that fit the board members interest, skill, ability and schedule. 

Mentors/ 3-5 hours per month

Our students’ do not all have adults in their personal live who are able to meet the student’s needs when it comes to transportation to and from school events. A KLA mentor needs to be available to assist in transporting a student to our extra events and gatherings. (This does not include the daily to and from school transportation needs.)

Property Maintenance Supervisor/ 8-10 hours per month

We are in the process of receiving 23 acres donated in North Tyler. The property has been barren for years and is undeveloped. KLA needs a Property Maintenance Supervisor who has time to keep the property mowed and our tools in good working order. Our students also aide in the property management.

We are also looking for a person would also be willing and able to partner with our current instructor, Carmen Sosa, in managing the community garden we are starting this spring. The students have already selected the items that will be grown and are currently learning about gardening. The volunteer for this will need to be able to work with the students on the property.