Getting Involved With the Students         

            There are several ways to get involved with what we are doing here at KLA.
As always we covet your prayers. And if you would like to volunteer your time we are always accepting applications. There are many avenues in which to donate as well. We have a link on the page where you can donate monetarily. However, we will accept gift cards to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club where the students do their weekly grocery shopping.

Community Garden Project

            Recently, we have taken on the task of having a garden as our community project. Through this project, we hope to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to the community surrounding the garden which is known as a "food desert". The students have worked very diligently doing things such as getting grants for building materials, set up appointments with surveyors and have the soil tested. We are accepting all the help we can get including but, not limited to, gift cards for home Depot, Lowes and other stores to purchase the necessary materials and building tools.