About KLA

In 2009 God gave Joel Enge a vision to disciple the students from the urban TISD middle school where he was employed. He first began doing this through creating Men of Issachar (MOI). The young men from his school would join Mr. Enge for after school bible study once a week and participate in weekend volunteer projects. In 2011, the Lord challenged Joel with starting a Christ-focused, life skills school for the students who were ‘falling through the cracks’. In the fall of 2013 Kingdom Life Academy was launched with four pioneer students from the MOI group and our volunteer teachers. This fall of 2014 KLA began its first year as an official non-profit, privately funded, urban Christian high school, having received its 501©3 tax-exempt status from the federal government in July 2014.

Our Program:

KLA is a privately funded, project-based learning, urban Christian high school. The students we are targeting are those who are ages 13 to 15, failing to thrive in the traditional education model, come from the urban/ inner city areas of Tyler, and have challenging family situations. The goal at KLA is to educate and equip our students through discipleship in Christian values and morals, and life skills training through hands-on learning. Our program also includes opportunities for the students to earn various certifications that they will need in the workforce.

KLA is currently housed in the Family Life Center at Colonial Hills Baptist Church. Our classes are from 7 am – 3 pm, Monday through Friday, with exceptions being made for off-site learning venues and tours. There are four classrooms that are used throughout the week for instruction and hands-on learning. Students are also placed in creative settings, such as the kitchen, where they plan for and prepare all of their own meals, and a wood working/ carpentry shop.

Our current classes include: Financial Mathematics, English Language Arts, Old Testament Survey, Spanish, Business Production and Gardening,

KLA Students:

Each of our students are working hard to break cycles of poverty and entitlement, through establishing a good work ethic and strong character. Our students understand that this is the goal of attending school at KLA and are held accountable to the high standards that are set. We also prepare each student to enter TJC’s dual credit program in the fall of their junior year in the training program of their choosing.

All of the KLA students are responsible for participating in our 'Earned Tuition Credit' program. This program enables the students to earn their tuition through various efforts including a vibrant community service commitment.
Thank You for your time and interest in KLA. Please visit our 'Contact' page for information on how you can learn more and get connected as a part of the KLA family!